Monday, November 25, 2013

Filling a Gap in America’s Photo History

  IN THIS VOLUME, HANLON turns conventional photographic history inside out, restoring American photography to its proper place among the great early traditions. Too often the United States is seen as a provincial player in calotype photography; a poor cousin to the Britons who invented the technique and the French who perfected it. In this book, we see early American photography as a vital part of that tradition—creative, dynamic, and influential. Accessibly written and exquisitely researched, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in photography and its origins. In addition to being a great reference work, it dramatically expands our understanding of the field.”

~ Phillip Prodger, Curator and Head, Department of Photography, Peabody Essex Museum
Cloth: 246 pages, 10 x 7, Illustrated (74), Bibliography, $50.
Collector's Edition: Contains a tipped-in toned gelatin silver print of the  Merchant’s Exchange Building in Philiadelphia, Pennsylvania; made from a calotype negative created by David R. Hanlon. Edition of 25 signed and numbered copies plus five artist’s proofs. $200.
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Also Available: The History of the Woodburytype. See more here.
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Available for purchase at Carl Mautz Publishing.
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